Cutting edge saw-cutting and nesting optimization for more than 30 years
Versions tailored to your needs ——

Our modular design allows us to focus on your current needs without closing doors to the future. Product versions support different complexity levels as well as small, medium and large customers.

Why people buy ARDIS® OPTIMIZER 

  • Import from all CAC-CAM / ERP / ...
  • All paperwork prints from 1 solution
  • The optimal balance between efficiency & yield
  • Out of the box customization
  • Optimization in shipping sequence
  • Offcut processing priority
  • Full integrated & automated solution
  • Link to all machine types
  • Cutting edge algorithms
  • Balances your saws & routers
  • Faster production planning
  • The most comrehensive label-printing on all machines

ARDIS® OPTIMIZER enables you to

  • Group orders and items
  • Sort based on cutting plan
  • Take production challenges into account, such as
    • Tension free cutting
    • Minimum edgebanding length
    • Intermediate format generation for laminates

Impact on the business:

Reducing material usage

Improving production flow

Meeting assembly sequence

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Customer: Beneens - Schrijnwerk & Interieur - Olen - Belgium
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