Sheet optimization for woodworking shops ——
  • Optimization of sheets
  • Intuitive cutting patterns adapted to your cutting process
  • All your production documents at the press of a button: labels, cutting plans, parts lists, etc.

ARDIS® OPTIMIZER enables you to

  • Enter manual data efficiently
  • Import from CAD/CAM
  • Print labels
  • Control all machines
  • Respect grain direction
  • Make intuitive cutting patterns

Impact on the business:

Save sheets

Gain time

Avoid mistakes

—— “Communicate better and faster in the plant.”

Stay independent of any machine manufacturer ——
ARDIS® supports more than 30 machine manufacturing brands out of the box.
—— “Streamlined production begins with optimization.”

Missing crucial functionality in our Professional version? — Click here for our Enterprise versionEnterprise version  ›


Customer: Beneens - Schrijnwerk & Interieur - Olen - Belgium
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